A Midi Performance Arpeggiator

MiDiGenerator app is no longer available on the Apple store.
Other platforms may be supported in the future.

Why stumble over step changes when you can modulate entire tracks in performance from your keyboard or iPad?
Get off the grid and start performing.

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  • MiDiGenerator

From your keyboard, control, generate and modulate your Midi tracks in performance. Fire off multiple permutations of the same arpeggiation to create amazing rhythms and effects on the fly. From the keyboard, arpeggiate or chord your tracks.

Mix and Morph between two MIDI decks with the mixer. Then switch in decks from other banks. Use physics-driven X/Y pads and faders to modulate tracks, or modulate them via external MIDI or OSC controllers. Regenerate whole tracks with the tap of a button.


The MiDiGenerator app takes the best features of the TetraMAPS sequencer. TetraMAPS reviews:

"The MAPS is the best sequencer I've ever used for generating true, real-time, intuitive musical composition... You really do have something magic on your hands, keep it up." DJ Shaggy

"The MAPS fills a niche that was previously vacant. It's one of the rare tools designed specifically to generate new ideas rather than regurgitate preconceived ones." Geoff Farina (www.geofffarina.com) Tape Op 42


This app produces MIDI or OSC signals and metronome audio.
A synth app connected to it via MIDI or OSC is required to produce sounds.

iPad iOS 8.0+