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OSC Templates

Build your own custom TetraMAPS sequencer interface for your mobile or download a template here.
TouchOSC and Lemur editors available from hexler.net and liine.net, respectively.
TouchOSC and Lemur apps are available from the Apple iTunes store.

The following templates are compatible with TetraMAPS revision 3.4x OS

iPhone Simple TouchOSC Template 1
iPhone TouchOSC Template 2
iPad TouchOSC Template 1
iPad Lemur Template 1
iPad Lemur Template 2
iPad Lemur Template 3 - Live


TetraMAPS Quick Start Manual NEW
TetraMAPS Sequencer Rev 3.43 Manual
Original MAPS Sequencer Release 2 (Rev C2.2) Manual
TetraMAPS Installation Guides
TetraMAPS WiFi/TouchOSC Guide
TetraMAPS Flyer

User Data Sets

Factory Reset
Set with Middle-C's and tracks 1-8 on Midi channels 1-8
Step durations reset and tracks 1-8 on Midi channels 1-8


Operating System Upgrade Status:

The TetraMAPS OS is at version 3.43
The Original MAPS OS is version 2.2

The OS is user upgradeable via Non Real-time Universal System Exclusive Midi File Dump.
To receive an upgrade please submit the following information:

Your Email Address  

Enter the serial number found on the rear of the sequencer.

Serial Number  

Sysex utils which may support MIDI file dump:

Mac users can try the SysEx Universal MIDI Librarian, or the Snoize Sysex Librarian (supports OSX).

Windows: MIDI Data FilerSyxLibEd, or  MidiOX.

Linux: linux- sound for links, or MIDIMountain which is a full featured open-source MIDI sequencer with sysex capability.

Users of other operating systems should check out the Hit Squad Shareware Music Machine to see about utilities that will work with your setup.

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