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Sonic State's Inverview with the creator of the TetraMAPS, Jeffry James
TetraMAPS Rack-Mount Demo
TetraMAPS Demo at NAMM 2009

      Use Open Sound Control with the Tetra MAPS

TetraMAPS with Lemur features demo

TetraMAPS with Lemur music demo


      Compose and perform in real-time with the MAPS

Demos, composed and recorded within hours.
One Signal Arts MAPS sequencer was used, an Emu Proteus and an CV-controlled analog synth.
No MAPS sequences were multitrack recorded or post-produced.

Stream of Nothingness
Dance Scott
Year Long

Music Copyright © Signal Arts Technologies, 2015.  All Rights Reserved

Modular Synth Demos

Signal Arts Sequencer's driving a BugBrand Modular.
BugBrand Bogle Jam



Press Review 2

Thomas Loop reviews the MAPS in KEYS Dec 2006 magazine
"This flexibility, combined with the character interface, make the Sequencer a genuine 'miracle weapon'."

Press Review 1

Geoff Farina reviews the MAPS in TAPE OP #42 magazine
"...one of the rare tools designed specifically to generate new ideas..."

User Review 2

Shaggy reviews the MAPS on vintagesynth.com
"You really do have something magic on your hands..."

User Review 1

Simon Birds reviews the MAPS on harmony-central.com
"...nothing even comes close to touching this."

Copyright © 2015 Signal Arts Technologies.  All Rights Reserved