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Sequencer Specifications

Maximum versatility meets real-time control... from your iPad!

The Tetra Midi Analog Performance Sequencer (TetraMAPS) vastly improves on the first 'MAPS' core design. Expect to use a sequencer that is more versatile and intuitive. TetraMAPS gives you infinite virtual tracks, modulations and multiple, real-time versions of each sequence, polyphonic sequencing, four channels of CV output, computer network Open Sound Control and over 24,000 notes organized as:

Real-time Interface
Real-time Flexibility

Ethernet Open Sound Control (OSC)
Real-time interface with your computer or mobile device

Sequence Step Matrix
Moves beyond a typical MIDI Sequencer

Variable Event Times and Durations
Moves beyond the traditional Step Sequencer

Dynamic Sequence Triggering
Makes this the Performance Sequencer

Polyphonic MIDI to Control Voltage Converter Features (MCV)
Superb Analog Voice Control

Other Analog Ports
Flexible Analog or MIDI Sync

File Data Exchange

Specifications: Input / Output

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